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Love Letters personalized gifts and crafts showcase your thoughtfulness and creativity. From framed names and words to cards, stationary, scrapbooking and calendars, you’ll never fail to make a special impression. Weddings, Anniversaries, Showers, Birthdays and Baby gifts are just the beginning. Start surprising and delighting your loved ones today! Click one of the options below to select and place your order today. *Note: Prints and E-Prints are not yet available.

*Please note this offer is available for private use only. Any commercial use, including resale and uploading to public sites is prohibited and violates copyright laws. A $4.00 S&H charge applies to all orders.

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Available for the first time in digital form, the Love Letters download includes 185 of our most popular images. The High-Resolution Alphabet and Number Photography Photos come in B&W, Color and Sepia tones. Please see the Preview Galleries at left: Letters 1, Letters 2 and Numbers to view all the images included in the collection. The major advantage of digital prints is your ability to modify size, color, etc. for your special project. The photos are formatted to fit any 4x6 frame, but if you play with them (cropping, etc) you may be able to get 5x7 or even 8x10--not to mention making them smaller for scrapbook and online projects. With this unique set, you’ll be able to surprise and delight loved ones with countless gifts, crafts, wall décor and more and a fraction of purchasing prints elsewhere for $4-$6 each.

Choose from nearly 1,000 High-Resolution Images: Alphabet and Number Photography in B&W, Color and Sepia tones. Prints will be shipped out within two nosiness days. E-Prints are sent within one business day. Currently Quality paper prints and digital E-prints are not available. They will be available for selection and purchase very soon. Please check back or email us with your interest. * Our retail partners will be responsible for printing and order fulfillment.


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